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“Jazzify your Blues” with Armen Movsesyan


“Jazzify your Blues” with Armen Movsesyan




tagapublishing proudly presents:

Armen Movsesyan: Jazzify Your Blues


Picture ANY of your favorite contemporary Jazz guitar players RIGHT NOW.


So do you have someone in mind?

Whoever you are picturing right now, fantasizing or idolizing about, let us tell you that all younger Jazz guitarists may play and compose very unique, new, creative and contemporary music and THEY ALL have many influences from different places and styles flowing into their music in this day and age.

Music trends change rapidly.  But ONE THING is for sure.  They know the traditional language of a Jazz Blues.  They ALL are able to speak the language of past generations.  They ALL have checked out the greats such as Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, George Benson, etc…

Being able to speak and communicate in the language of the previous generations will ALWAYS be a part of today’s players.

You would be surprised at how many of the young and upcoming generation of guitar players have a very strong fundamental knowledge and understanding of the Jazz Blues.

If you play any style of contemporary music from this century, the blues is genetically tied to it in one way or another.


But let’s take another short angle for a second…

Which genre of music do you think is one of the oldest and most influential when it comes to playing an electric guitar?

The one genre that started the evolution of countless great players.

You are right, it’s the Blues.

And in its more advanced form called a Jazz Blues.


Now let us be honest with you.

We will be completely straight with you.


If YOU are the person who has a handle on your basic blues playing, you’ve mastered all the  necessary chords, learned a few phrases here and there from your favorite guitar players, you’ve picked up several licks and rhythms from your favorite songs, and you have just have reached the point where you have achieved a sense of “I’m doing fine now!”


If this is YOU


Then you must have encountered this ONE BIG WALL  when it comes to improving and approaching your blues playing.  Everybody reaches this point.  You must have naturally asked yourself the question ”WHAT’S NEXT?


The simple truth is that there are MANY pieces to the puzzle of jazz guitar and you cannot possibly grasp the whole picture when you are just starting out because there is NO “ultimate way”


Annoying isn’t it?


Nevertheless being able to play a Jazz Blues is definitely one HUGE piece of the puzzle and part of the game.  All of your favorite artists from the past decades to the present day have played a Jazz Blues.


Still not convinced?


You don’t have to analyze and transcribe your favorite players to realize how common playing a Jazz Blues is.  But one thing’s for sure, if you really dig deep enough you will ALWAYS find fragments, pieces of a solid foundation of Jazz Blues playing, in EVERY great Improviser’s solos.  THEY ALL learned at some point the words, phrases, and vocabulary of a Jazz Blues.

It’s ALL part of the “Language.”

But be warned, you could wander around FOR YEARS and waste your valuable time and energy picking up information here and there, trying to understand the “whole picture” of what is necessary for jazz improvisation.


Here comes the good news…


TAGA Publishing proudly presents to you Jazzify Your Blues by Armen Movsesyan.

“Jazzify Your Blues” will indeed get you there, and get you there fast!


In this interactive video course, Armen shares priceless insights and ingenious methods to help you discover and get started in the following:

  • Comping variations for a Bb Jazz Blues and an Eb Jazz Blues
  • Circle Blues Comping
  • Chord Solos for an Ab and G Jazz Blues
  • Double-stop Ideas in the Styles of  Kenny Burrell and Wes Montgomery
  • Kenny Burrell’s Soulful Blues
  • Wes Montgomery Blue n’ Boogie
  • Original Licks in 3rds and 4ths
  • Wes Montgomery Substitutions
  • Song examples for Bag’s Groove, Fried Pies, Missile Blues, etc.
  • Octave Licks
  • and much MUCH more…


All of the performances are tabbed out and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes.  You’ll also get supported by the newest Soundslice Technology.

Our Jazzify Your Blues by Armen Movsesyan course documents your experience with high-quality videos, tab, standard notation and tons of pages of bonus PDFs of supplementary material from Armen.


If YOU are serious about getting your Jazz guitar skills to the next level, then there is NO WAY around learning the sound and language of a JAZZ BLUES.


BE the one who knows the necessary phrases for this language.  

BE the one who is able to speak this language fluently.


People who you play with, as well as  listeners, will immediately go “Oh, this person understands this language!”


Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun following Armen’s format for the course. No tedious theory to assimilate. No exercises to master. As with most of Armen’s guitar lessons, you will play your way through the course and start blowing jazzy blues lines right from the very first lesson.

We at TAGA Publishing are proud to have you experience Jazzify Your Blues by Armen Movsesyan in its full and rich entirety.


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