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Our Story

What kind of picture do you think people have in their mind when imagining guitar?

Is it an actual image of the instrument?…

Or a sound?…

Or maybe even a whole feeling?

What about you personally?

Think about this for a moment.

What does the guitar mean to you?

Now hold that thought for a moment…

So far you have to admit that the guitar means various things to a lot of different people in the world.

The fact of the matter is that the guitar always has been an irreplaceable icon of our Pop culture.

And for us, it always will be.

The guitar always has been a mirror to the culture of the time.

Not convinced?

Ask Anybody who grew up in the 50’s and experienced the shocking Rock’n’Roll music of artist like Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley…

Ask Anybody who grew up in the 60’s and experienced a whole generation of political change while guitars were literally lit up on fire on stage…

Ask Anybody who lived through the 70’s,80’s,90’s until the present day….

We think you get the idea.

The guitar has always told a story that has resonated with people all over the world.

Every generation also has it’s Heroes on the guitar which inspired millions of other people to pick up the same instrument.

Countless people from different countries have always been inspired to practice play the guitar, imitating their Heroes and inevitably started to develop their own voice.

But let’s step back for one moment…

What if you would have the chance to get taught DIRECTLY from these heroes?

What if somebody would give you all the tools, learning materials and a professionally guided path to accomplishing your goals?

The good news is…

TAGA Presents brings you “TAGA Publishing”

Taga Publishing is the ultimate resource for

  • Instructional video courses taught by some of the world’s most famous and influential guitarists
  • e-books/courses written by teachers of The American Guitar Academy

TAGA Publishing consists of Asia’s largest team of INTERNATIONAL and professional Guitar teacher EXPATS from all around the world, who hold degrees and graduated from ELITE MUSIC COLLEGES from all across the globe.

With over 10,000 students taught worldwide, we’re one of the largest guitar education-related companies in the world, having gained the reputation of being the “United Nations” or embassy of guitar educators and are able to provide guitar lessons in over seven languages.

Practice with Purpose at TAGA Publishing

Our field-tested processes and first-hand know-how have assisted students from ALL AGES at EVERY stage of the process.

From picking up the guitar for the first time, mastering a song that you have always dreamed of learning, rocking out to Heavy Metal or just starting to wrap your head around getting into Jazz or Classical music….

Elevate your playing by learning the styles and techniques of the architects of classic rock guitar, Jazz guitar, Pop, Blues, Funk, Classic and much more…

Upon completion of any course, you’ll be able to recreate parts played by your guitar heroes—but more importantly, you’ll be better able to realize your own unique sound.

Sharing Pro-Level Knowledge With Everybody

We are committed to opening our doors for the world to experience the minds of respected artists such as Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Bireli Lagrene, Pat Martino and much more to come…

From putting strings on your first guitar, learning your first chord, first Rock Solo or Jazz Standard, from beginner to advanced level, we will make sure that you will experience a fully guided path of learning no matter what style it is you want to dive into.


TAGA Publishing is a gathering of unique instructional videos/courses/books and PDFs that have been chosen because of a commitment to weaving your own story, meant for the player who never wants exactly the same experience twice and wants to evolve.

Developing the musicianship of all our students is the foundation of our curriculum. We believe that the lessons and qualities derived from that work—the self-discipline needed for excellence, the empathy required of music making and the openness and curiosity essential to creativity—are critical to achievement in any pursuit, musical or otherwise. We also believe that music is a powerful catalyst for the kind of personal growth central to any experience.

No more questions about the guitar.

No more procrastination about starting and experiencing the richness of playing the guitar in the right way.

We LOVE the guitar and want to share the experience with as many people on the planet.

TAGA Publishing | All rights reserved 2019


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