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Biréli Lagrène: Voilà!


Biréli Lagrène: Voilà!




tagapublishing.com proudly presents

Biréli Lagrène: Voilà!


Who do you think is one of the most influential European jazz guitarist of the past few decades?

Have you ever wondered which guitarist would have the honor to be on that list?

We will give you one hint…

Who is able to perform and shine in such a vast amount of styles ranging from Gypsy Jazz, Straight Ahead Jazz, Bebop, all the way to Jazz Rock?

He has performed in front of COUNTLESS people and filled up BIG halls and festivals since he was literally a child.

His credits of who he has played and performed with range from artists like Benny Goodman, Stéphane Grappelli, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucía, John McLaughlin, The Gil Evans Orchestra, Benny Carter, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Larry Coryell, Stanley Jordan and countless more.

The reality is that he has been fascinating audiences probably even LONG BEFORE you were born, and he continues to do so.

Now let that sink in for a second….

You already know who we are talking about here.

You guessed that one right!

French Jazz guitar legend Bireli Lagrene.

Discovered and treated as a child prodigy, he stunned audiences worldwide with his traditional Gypsy Jazz style playing and flashy Django Reinhardt lines from a very young age.

Now, this is where the unusual mystery starts building.

Child prodigies are prone to myths.

Wouldn’t you agree?

This is the typical material legends are being told and made of.

But If there is one guitarist that comes close to being a modern day Mozart on the guitar who originated from the European continent, it’s gotta be Bireli Lagrene.

Even today, where he has matured and aged and his boy-wonder years have been gone for a long time, there is still that special aura of exceptionality that surrounds him when you meet him.

Playing every style so unbelievably and at the same time convincingly as he is “at home” with it.

His skills and spontaneity with the instrument are simply MIND BLOWING!

We can’t forget to mention at this point that he is also able to play the bass and violin like a wizard, but that’s a different topic for another day.

You just subconsciously and inevitably ask yourself all the time ….

“How is it possible that somebody got to that level of artistry?”


“ What steps do I have to take to achieve that routine and mastery on my instrument?”

You might say: “There is NO WAY I will ever be able to reach that level of playing in my lifetime!”

We hear you…

And the bad news is that it might be a little bit too late for you to be counted and viewed as a child prodigy at this point in your life.

But the good news is…

It’s ALL learnable.

Bireli will take you step by step into his body of knowledge.

Bireli is the specimen and natural transition of what a contemporary player would sound like while respecting the traditions and roots of the Gypsy Jazz at the same time.

Let Bireli himself convince you that all these myths about talent and child prodigy’s are overrated and that there is a clear pattern for everything.

Let Bireli prove to you that you can create your own legend by knowing what to focus on and what’s important.

He will demonstrate for you a clear path on the guitar for you to follow.

Be mentored by a giant like him.

TAGA Publishing proudly presents an IN DEPTH view into Bireli Lagrene’s guitar playing

Bireli did and still does represent the culture of traditional Gypsy style guitar playing to the fullest.

He is known for being a representative of the tradition and preserving it at it’s best, but don’t get fooled, there is  MUCH more to discover.

He is a living dictionary of musical wisdom from traditional and modern playing styles.

Imagine him being a strong tree where the countless boughs represent styles of playing, but they are still just an extension of his solid and true identity.


Topics and methods presented in the first “Bebop” part of the course where Bireli plays electric guitar include:

  • Importance of “Rhythm changes”
  • Basic chord changes for “I’ve Got Rhythm”
  • Countless chord variations for the A section of “I’ve Got Rhythm”
  • Even more chords for the B section of “I’ve Got Rhythm”
  • Solo concepts and improvisation ideas with MANY examples
  • Line playing
  • Solo variations for “I’ve Got Rhythm”
  • “Putting it all together” demonstration on how to combine all discussed ideas and material
  • and much MUCH more….


In the second part of our interactive video course, Bireli shares priceless insights and methods to help you discover and get started in the following:

  •  Basic rhythms used in “Gypsy Jazz” style of accompaniment
  • “Must know vocabulary” to improvise in the “Gypsy Jazz” style  
  • “Putting it all together” demonstration on how to combine all discussed ideas and material


Very much the same approach to topics he used to achieve his own mastery of the instrument and unparalleled success as a professional musician.


All of the performances are tabbed out and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. 

You’ll also get supported by the newest Soundslice technology.  The cursor automatically follows the tab and notation so that you can play, speed up or slow down, loop, and even see a virtual fretboard,  WHILE you work through the material.

Biréli Lagrène: Voilà! is a dream come true for all of us here at tagapublishing.com

We can’t thank Bireli enough for trusting us with the project and we are thrilled to present to you the most in detail blueprint to Bireli’s genius.


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