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Introducing Rock Guitar


Introducing Rock Guitar

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Introducing Rock Guitar

  • Have you ever dreamt of being a rock star?
  • Have you ever envied that cool guy or girl at a party who just grabs a guitar and instantly becomes the center of attention?
  • Do you still go weak-kneed at the sound of an electric guitar?

Well close the door, turn up the volume and get ready to lose yourself in one of the greatest, most exciting kinds of music on the planet.

Suitable for budding rockers of any age, Introducing Rock Guitar contains everything you need to get you well on the way to rock superstardom!

In no time at all, this fun, progressive course will have you playing riffs in the style of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Kinks, Metallica, Nirvana, Queen and others.

If you’ve always wanted to play rock guitar but weren’t sure where to start, then look no further. If you dislike wordy, technical explanations, then this is the course for you. If you thought that rock guitar was too hard, or only for other people, then you’re about to be very pleasantly surprised.

Introducing Rock Guitar is clear, progressive and to the point, introducing new concepts and techniques gradually and as you need them.

Cutting-edge software, clear diagrams, videos and easy-to-understand explanations make learning rock guitar easier and more intuitive than ever before. As well as having all musical examples in standard notation and TAB, you’ll also be able to slow down, pause and even loop all of the exercises, examples and pieces, putting you in full control of everything you learn. You’ll also get a kick out of playing along with the high-quality backing tracks!

We’ll start our rock journey by learning some power chords and enjoying some classic-sounding riffs straight away. We’ll progress to some simple but effective open chord shapes and useful, must-know strumming patterns. Briefly touching on two important influences on the development of rock, we’ll also enjoy some blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Along with some essential stock chord progressions, you’ll be discovering the patterns and elements that truly lie at the heart of so much great rock music.

Along the way, we’ll study some essential rock guitar techniques, including:

  • strumming
  • alternate picking
  • palm muting
  • hammer-ons
  • pull-offs
  • dead notes
  • slides, and
  • bending.

We’ll also learn:

  • major pentatonic
  • minor pentatonic, and
  • blues scale.

Importantly, however, you’ll immediately have the chance to put everything you learn into context to see how and why these scales are so worth mastering.

In creating this course, we’ve been fortunate to be able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of a team of extremely talented teachers and guitarists. Distilling years of experience into a concise, easy-to-use course, we are very proud to present Introducing Rock Guitar.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a good repertoire of chords, riffs and techniques at your fingertips. The rock-solid foundation we’re that about to build together will open doors for you and give you the tools to learn countless other rock songs. You’ll also appreciate your favorite rock bands even more. Best of all, you’ll have some great, complete songs up your sleeve to play with confidence at those those all-important parties!

So, grab your axe, crank up the volume and get ready to rock with Introducing Rock Guitar!


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