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What Are We All About?

From putting strings on your first guitar, learning your first chord, first Rock Solo or Jazz Standard. From beginner to advanced level, we make sure that you experience a fully guided learning path, no matter what style it is you want to explore.

TAGA Publishing is a gathering of unique instructional courses that have been selected with a commitment to helping you weave your own story, meant for the player who never wants exactly the same experience twice and wants to evolve their skill-set.

Developing the musicianship of all our students is the foundation of our curriculum.

Mark Whitfield - TAGA Publishing

What Make Our Courses Great?

 World Renowned Guitarists

Over 10,000 Students Taught By Successful Professional Guitarists From All Around The World.

 Variety of Genres

Elevate your playing by learning the styles and techniques of the architects of classic rock guitar, Jazz guitar, Pop, Blues, Funk, Classic and much more…

 Student Groups

Our field-tested processes and first-hand know-how have assisted students from all ages at every stage of the process.

 Easy to Track Progress

No more procrastination about starting and experiencing the richness of playing the guitar in the right way.

Featured Courses

Biréli Lagrène: Voilà!

Bireli Lagrene

Experience what it feels to reflect on the culture and rich history of Gypsy Jazz, all the way up to modern Bebop from one of the most legendary European guitarists of our time. Discover what it means to be the natural transition of what a world level contemporary player would sound like while respecting the roots of Gypsy Jazz.

Larry Coryell: Blues and Beyond

Larry Coryell Blues and Beyond

Experience for one last time the artistry of a groundbreaking guitarist who gives you a glimpse into the unique mind of a true heavyweight in Jazz. Learn concepts that will elevate your jazz guitar playing!  Learn from an indisputable legend who will inspire you to go beyond the conventional approaches to improvisation.

Mike Stern: Burn with Stern!

Grammy Award nominated guitar legend Mike Stern will connect the Rock to the Jazz world to you and will bring you back to the basics, but in the right way. Mike will make you get comfortable with the uncomfortable in Burn With Stern!

What You Get When You Purchase A Course

Easy To Track Progress

TAGA Publishing has a easy to use system to help track your progress through your coursework.

Highly Educated Instructors

We provide you not only with a great video course but also access to world-renown guitar teachers.

Online Support

Our course forums make it easy for students to have questions answered by professional-grade guitar instructors.

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What Do Students Have To Say?

“Through their direction I learned the most important thing a musician can learn, to listen and converse through playing.  TAGA inspired me to find my own voice as a guitarist. They helped me achieve making the All-State Jazz Ensemble by the time I was a senior in high school.  I went on to attend Berklee College of Music where I studied Music Business and was a guitar principle.  Now I live in Las Vegas where I own a music production company and manage artists. TAGA’s focus on traditional methods coupled with their unique philosophies make them the best place to learn guitar online!”

David Zand

Owner of a music production company in Las Vegas

“The courses helped me better understand advanced jazz harmony, chord structures, exploration of melodic ideas, and turned me on to some of the jazz guitar greats. With TAGA’s  guidance I further pursued my music education and am now a professional session and touring musician in Los Angeles. Thank you TAGA!!”

Dan Kalisher

Professional session and touring musician

“At the beginning, I did not understand that guitar at all.  Playing scales and studying theory was boring.  However, through TAGA I became quite interested in these topics.  Their material also taught me to follow the things that I was interested in, to learn what I wanted to learn, so I could personally accomplish my dreams.  After several years, when I decided learn music at the university level it was TAGA’s methods that helped me get accepted and graduate from Berklee College of Music. I highly recommend taking TAGA’s courses!”

Arturo Reyes

Graduate of Berklee College of Music

Take your guitar playing to the next level

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