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At Home with Bucky Pizzarelli


At Home with Bucky Pizzarelli




Experience one of the last guitar legends of America’s great Jazz history.

From having private late-night living room sessions with Duke Ellington or playing with Benny Goodman at The White House for President Reagan, Jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli has been one of New York’s finest veteran session players for the past 75 years.

From being a staff musician for NBC and becoming a member of The Tonight Show Band on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, Bucky has performed and recorded with everyone ranging from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis, Les Paul, Wes Montgomery, Buddy Rich, Zoot Sims, Stéphane Grappelli to Doc Severinsen and many more.

TAGA Publishing was fortunate enough to visit Bucky in his home and record a small intimate session, which showcased once more why Bucky received the reputation as one of the greatest chord soloists and extraordinary rhythm players of his time.

Archiving the playing of such a historical player was an immense and honorable experience for us here at TAGA Publishing and it is our hope that you will get a small glimpse of some true authentic Jazz.

This is a short documentation and immediate throwback, which lets you experience one more time the real charm of New York City’s Jazz legacy.

Bucky performs timeless classics such as:


  • Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me
  • Easy to Remember
  • In a Mellow Tone
  • It’s Been a Long, Long Time
  • Body and Soul
  • Coquette
  • Bucky’s Blues


Everything in our “At Home With Bucky Pizzarelli” videos is supported with the amazing “Soundslice” technology, which lets you replay and loop every bit in slow motion.

In addition to that, “At Home With Bucky Pizzarelli” will let you discover the entire experience in HD quality with a three-angle camera format, supported with PDFs and a virtual fretboard.

TAGA Publishing is proud to present to you “At Home With Bucky Pizzarelli” and at 92 years of age, Bucky gives you the opportunity to listen one more time to Jazz. From a time, when Jazz was Jazz.


  1. terence

    This is an amazing video that captures a legend in a relaxed, informal setting. It made me feel as though I was right there at home with Bucky!


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