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If you ever had the chance to ask somebody for advice who has played guitar for world-class artists such as Sting, D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige, Steven Tyler, Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Chaka Khan,Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Jill Scott, Diana Krall, Dave Matthews Band….

Somebody who has collaborated and performed with the greats such as Al Jarreau, B. B. King, George Benson, Carmen McRae, Gladys Knight, Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Smith, Tommy Flanagan, Dave Holland, Christian McBride, Al Foster, Clark Terry, Shirley Horn, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Joe Williams, Stanley Turrentine, Chris Botti, Roy Hargrove, Nicholas Payton…

The list literally goes ON AND ON.

Again, if you ever had the chance to surround yourself with somebody like this, somebody who must have accumulated an infinite amount of pure wisdom, what would you ask this person?

You think you know all of your chords and scales?

You believe you know enough to compete at that level and join in someday?

…You have to agree that there must be “something” or some kind of “secret” that led somebody to be able to experience these playing opportunities recurrently.

Wouldn’t you ask this person what their secret to success was or what keeps this individual at the top of their game for so long?

But before we go any further though, there is something you need to understand.

Ever since his first three recordings as a bandleader in the early 90’s for Warner Brothers Records, followed by several more for Verve Records and Herbie Hancock’s Label “Transparent Music“, Mark Whitfield’s music always created a place with an exceptional mix of the flavors of Jazz and Pop.

His unique and personal sound is crafted from a wealth of diverse backgrounds and shares a commitment to the tradition of Jazz guitar while at the same time builds new impulses for contemporary Pop music.

Each line of his has a distinctive personality at an uncompromising level of musicality and will always set you in locations of incredible natural beauty that will stop you in your tracks.

These fascinating elements helped establish the quintessence of Mark Whitfield’s trademark sound. The sound that landed him the gig.

TAGA Publishing is proud to deliver you a Masterclass that will reset your system.

TAGA Publishing’s “Mark Whitfield: Land The Gig” shares Marks accumulated wisdom, musical opinions, influences and reveals how he has been able to consistently “Land the Gig.”

Years of playing with some of the most extraordinary artists of our time taught Mark valuable lessons.

Acquire first-hand knowledge and discover all personal ingredients of Mark’s trademark sound to leave an everlasting impression on your next session that will stick and gets you the call back!

In this Masterclass, Mark will cover topics such as:

  • His influences of Freddie Green, George Benson, Joe Pass and Kenny Burrell
  • Developing a great time and feel
  • Creating song intros on the spot
  • Making a singer or artist feel comfortable as an accompanying guitarist
  • How to keep it simple and leave musical space
  • Establish being a confident, positive high performer by learning from experience
  • How to fit in rhythmically with the band

Experience “Mark Whitfield: Land The Gig” with the newest Sound Slice Technology which will enable you to play, loop and/or slow down the TAB and standard musical notation WHILE you work through the material.

In addition to the Sound Slice Technology, this Masterclass will let you discover the entire experience in a high quality three angle camera format, supported by countless complimentary PDFs, and learning material.

Mark will show you simple practices you can use regularly that have been a complete game changer for Mark himself.

If you want to surround yourself with a mentor who goes out of his way to help you, don’t miss this Masterclass.

Find out what lessons Mark Whitfield took from recording with D’Angelo…

Explore what knowledge Mark gained from performing with Carmen McRae…

Discover what wisdom Joe Pass passed on to Mark…

So get in position to crush your rhythms.

Get ready to adopt the thoughts and actions of a legendary guitarist that will mold you into the player you want to be.

Adapt the habits of a successful veteran player and completely reinvent yourself, starting right now.

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Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
1.1 Playing Introduction by Mark Whitfield 00:01:14
1.2 Welcome to This Course 00:00:48
2. The Essence of Time
2.1 The Eminent Freddie Green 00:01:41
2.2 Illustrating Freddie Green: 12-Bar Blues 00:02:14
2.3 Having a Musical Impact: Voice Leading 00:02:18
2.4 George Benson on Freddie Green 00:01:13
2.5 Freddie Green Right Hand Technique 00:03:14
2.6 The Influence of Freddie Green’s Style 00:00:53
3. Accompanying a Vocalist
3.1 Color: Considering Tensions 00:01:21
3.2 Channeling Joe Pass: Accompanying Carmen McRae 00:06:28
4. Comping Like Kenny
4.1 Kenny Burrell’s Playing 00:01:44
4.2 Comping Accordingly 00:00:50
4.3 Kenny Burrell with Jimmy Smith: Rhythm Section Prowess 00:01:49
4.4 Leaving Your Legacy 00:02:16
5. Tales of the Legends
5.1 Getting Schooled by Joe Pass 00:04:21
5.2 Wes’ Comping 00:04:10
5.3 A Night Out with George Benson 00:02:33
5.4 You Can’t Lose the Blues 00:02:07
6. Personal Style and How to Comp Better
6.1 Play What You Want to Hear 00:02:02
6.2 Mark’s Percussive Comping example 00:01:13
6.3 Getting Called Out by Jack McDuff 00:00:30
6.4 Stop Playin’ Those Banjo Chords! 00:03:06
6.5 Examples of “Banjo Chords” and How to Not Play Them 00:00:48
6.6 Avoiding “Banjo Chords” example 2 00:01:26
7. New Vocabulary and Learning to Grow
7.1 An Unfamiliar Stage: Getting the Call to Record for D’Angelo 00:04:51
7.2 Knowing Your Role and Adapting to the Situation 00:02:24
7.3 Creating a New Vocabulary with What You Know 00:01:57
7.4 Take Your Time, Let it Feel Good 00:01:09
7.5 Taking Inspiration from Ernie Isley 00:01:47
7.6 Incorporating Effects 00:02:29
7.7 Looking Back 00:03:17
8. Playing in Non-Jazz Settings
8.1 Lessons Learned Playing with Sting 00:01:48
8.2 Message in a Bottle example 00:00:28
8.3 Discipline: Not Losing Sight of the Role of Your Instrument 00:00:59
8.4 Staying Humble 00:01:39
8.5 The Responsibility of Delivering a Melody 00:02:28
9. A Collective Expression of the Groove
9.1 Holding Down a D9 All Night with Fred Wesley 00:04:17
9.2 Playing with Stevie: A Collective Expression of the Groove 00:03:55
9.3 A Little Room for Personality 00:01:49
10. Musical Musings and Some Final Thoughts
10.1 Open String Improvisation 00:01:58
10.2 I Shot the Sheriff 00:00:53
10.3 Bill Withers example 00:00:21
10.4 Auto-Wah Riffs and R&B Comping 00:01:26
10.5 Conclusion 00:01:15

Course Reviews


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  1. Joanne Heimer


    Wow, Mark has a lot of energy and passion! His stories were very interesting to listen to and playing really elevated me!

  2. Castor Sanchez


    mark whitfield used to be my favorite smooth jazz player! This course is more of a seminar or masterclass though. Mark is not really showing and explaining his lines, that would have been great.

  3. Robert Peterson


    Very intersting pieces of wisdom and i think you need to be at a certain level to really “get” the message. I whish Mark would have demonstrated more of his jazzy lines. The transcriptions are very good though and the looping function really helps.

  4. Jasper Frandsen


    Mark is talking a lot in the videos. His stories about playing with Sting, Stevie Wonder, Carmen McRae and so on, are interesting (and amusing) for sure, but once you’ve heard them, you’ve heard them… There is some great playing though and he is giving a good overview of comping for different styles. I guess I would have liked a little less talking and a bit more playing, which is why I’m not giving it a full 5 stars… The transcriptions are great though and the soundslice thing is making everything super clear for learning.

  5. Yannis Xanthopoulos


    I liked Mark’s stories 🙂 Seems like the guy has met or played with everyone! Good advice for us jazz guitarists and some very cool playing.

  6. Morgan Hampton


    Man this cat can GROOVE!!! Killer!!!!

  7. Jonathan Rosenberg


    Way too much talking and not enough playing. As he says in his own words, “he likes to drop names” and he does it very often. I wish that he would have taught more and talked less. Still was enjoyable though.

  8. Tal Ryan


    Mark is great!

  9. Lauren Cardiff


    There are no solos in this course but it is good if you want to learn rhyhtm playing in different styles!

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