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tagapublishing.com proudly presents:

 Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar


What comes to your mind when you think of “Jazz”?

Do you picture somebody in a black suit playing saxophone in a smoky underground club?

Or do you maybe fantasize about the Manhattan skyline by night?

Obviously, there are MANY meanings and connotations to the word “Jazz.”

For decades, music historians, fans, and critics have debated about the origin and the meaning of this word.  We are not claiming to have an ultimate answer to this, but we can point to at least ONE undeniable truth.  There is definitely ONE UNWRITTEN LAW when it comes to the term “Jazz.”

Are you ready for it?

New York.

From nostalgic memories of Big Bands playing on Broadway in the 1930’s,  or black and white pictures showcasing soldiers dancing swing before boarding ships for world war II, to Miles Davis playing legendary concerts at Carnegie Hall…

Even in this fast-paced day and age of the internet, where tech companies are changing the landscape of this famous city, New York STILL remains the capital city of the arts.  It still is the melting pot and must get to place in this world for young talented people.  Every upcoming young guitar player wants to “make it” in the Big Apple.   They all feel drawn to the rich Jazz history and legacy of this city.  This will not change.  There is ALWAYS going to be some amount of romanticism surrounded by playing Jazz in New York City.

Jazz and New York, it’s just an inseparable bond, period.

Now, what if YOU could experience and be mentored by someone who has been part of that history for nearly 50 years?  Somebody who is not only a native New Yorker but also has been around Jazz for decades.

Taga Publishing is proud to present to you New York’s legend JACK WILKINS.

Jack Wilkins has quietly but firmly established himself as a musician’s musician.  His resume is an impressive collection of work, mostly performed in the shadows of some of  music’s most celebrated artists ranging from Chet Baker, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz, Charles Mingus, Tony Bennett, Mel Tormé, Ray Charles, Kenny Barron, Morgana King, The Brecker Brothers, Eddie Gomez, Sarah Vaughan, The Manhattan Transfer, Nancy Marano, Jimmy McGriff, Sal Nistico, Zoot Sims, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton and Jack DeJohnette.  

The list goes on and on, but don’t forget that Jack also has been a regular educator and longtime teacher at the New School, New York University, Long Island University and the Manhattan School of Music.  Ever since his highly regarded debut record “Windows” in 1973, Jack Wilkins always continued to impress the Jazz scene and never failed to stretch the boundaries.

If YOU ever wanted to take a part in the New York Jazz legacy, if YOU ever wanted to experience the real charm and romanticism of authentic New York Jazz, if you are the person who ever thought about “making it” in New York, or just SIMPLY taking your Jazz Guitar playing to the next level…

You will get more than just a conventional guitar lesson.  You will be taught by somebody who has been there and done that.

TAGA Publishing proudly presents to you Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar

In our interactive video course, Jack shares priceless insights and methods in these guitar lessons to help you discover and get started in the following:

  • I-vi-ii-V Progression
  • Diminished Passing Chords
  • Tunes that change key
  • ii-V-I’s
  • Adding color to ii-V-I’s
  • Altering the V chord
  • Inner Voicings 
  • How to play intros
  • How to play Ballads 
  • Song examples for Here’s That Rainy Day and Misty, Body And Soul, All Of Me, etc…
  • and much MUCH more…

As always, all of the performances are tabbed out and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes and all videos are supported by the newest Soundslice Technology.

You also get all of the PDFs available as downloads.

Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar is not only about learning Jack’s style as you too will be able to create and improvise your own Solo Jazz Guitar arrangements after successfully going through this course. You will be prepared and ready to join the New York Jazz scene!

If you ever wanted to experience one of New York’s finest Jazz educators, this is your chance to get first-hand knowledge and advice.

Be a part of New York’s Jazz legacy right now.

Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar is a dream come true for all of us here at tagapublishing.com

If you ever wanted to take your Solo Jazz Guitar skills to a level which enables you to paint pictures in people’s mind with your playing, TAGA Publishing’s Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar guitar lessons will deliver you with all the necessary tools that will let you be a part of New York’s authentic Jazz.

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  1. Benedict Cambell

    There is a great deal of information here. All complemented by some marvelous solo arrangements. The moving notation is impressive, but I personally prefer to study the old-fashioned way and just printed the PDFs out. Many thanks.

  2. Jamie Webster

    Nice course. Great presentation. With just one more full solo piece it would be perfect.

  3. Dave Cusworth

    Jack is an articulate teacher with tons of experience. All in all a very good and well put together package if you want to learn solo jazz guitar.

  4. Javier Gonzalez

    What a gem! Jack has wonderful tone. really like slowmotion.

  5. Natasha Kazmierczak

    Beatiful course on solo jazz guitar playing, i always wanted to start playing this style. But i think you already need some knowledge to really understand this course. Very nice song selection and warm teacher!

  6. Jörg Radelberger

    I am very impressed with the sound slice technology, it really helped me practicing difficult parts. Jack is such an underestimated and overlooked jazz guitar legend, so i was very happy to join this course. Loved it!

  7. Eddie Sandoval

    This is just what I needed. I am trying to play solo guitar in the style of Joe Pass and this course really helped me!

  8. Eli Williams

    I found Jack to be redundant at times but I still learned a lot, especially about intros.

  9. Hugh Kaufman

    Wow! Jack’s lessons are precise and to the point. I am learning so much from these and I hope that he does more!

  10. Keisuke Sasakura

    How nice!
    I have never seen such an instruction item.

  11. Amazing!

    Jack Wilkins is a fantastic musician! Very interesting how he explains 2-5-1 approaches and also to be able to see how he thinks about harmony.
    I’ll probably need a lot of time to process all the information he explained and most important, the information contained in his playing, which in this course is very easy to see/read.

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