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Mauro Giuliani: 120 Right-Hand Studies


Mauro Giuliani: 120 Right-Hand Studies




tagapublishing.com proudly presents

Mauro Giuliani: 120 Right-Hand Studies


Do you remember your first guitar lesson?

Were you taught some basic chords or did you dive straight into learning your favorite songs?

No matter what style of music you were aiming to learn, there was ONE fundamental skill that you acquired in the beginning. It might have been subconsciously, but we ALL acquired it.


FIRST, EVERYBODY starts with RIGHT-HAND FINGER EXERCISES in order to get used to the instrument.


You might not see yourself as a “Classical” guitar player at all, but the reality is that you will find small fragments of right-hand fingerpicking in EVERY kind of music. Whether it be a ballad by your favorite Heavy Metal band, the intro to a famous Pop hit or the bridge section of a Rock song.


All “big players” had their first guitar lesson at some point in their career and they all started with learning some simple classical etudes to get the coordination of the right-hand going. We all have been there.

Same way as learning how to ride a bicycle, at some point you can do it and you just don’t even think about it anymore.

Now isn’t it ironic that most people who are not “classical” players stop right there?


MOST PEOPLE focus on practicing scales and chords for their left hand

MOST PEOPLE literally get lost in accumulating knowledge and technique in their left hand


MOST PEOPLE also spend a lot of effort and time in developing technique with a pick


But, there is a WHOLE NEW WORLD out there to be discovered for your right hand too.


Italian guitar legend Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) presented a right-hand guitar manifesto to the world in the early 19th century, which is still a highly respected and timeless artifact in the classical world.

This testimonial is still the standard for the modern day classical guitarist’s curriculum. Mauro Giuliani’s 120 Studies for Right Hand Development continues to be an outstanding documentation and an essential part of anybody willing to redefine their right-hand finger playing.


TAGA Publishing presents to you Mauro Giuliani’s 120 Studies for Right Hand Development.


Mauro Giuliani’s famous 120 Studies for Right Hand Development has been passed down by guitarists for generations and the time has come for you to take the torch.

Again, YOU DO NOT need to be a classical guitar player in order to go through our Giuliani experience. You can obviously use these patterns over ANY chord progression, at ANY tempo and across a WIDE VARIETY of styles.


Imagine what you could achieve for your playing by JUST FOCUSING on your RIGHT -HAND.  Imagine the impact it would have on your playing!


We deliver you all of Giuliani’s 120 studies not only in high-quality video, but it is also presented to you with the newest Soundslice Technology, which really lets you dive deep into the material. The Soundslice Technology will conveniently let you slow down each of the 120 exercises, loop sections, and even see a virtual fretboard.


Picture yourself composing a new song or discovering a new chord and being able to add a more sparkling sounding arpeggio with your right-hand…


Having the skill to “decorate” any chord with your right hand and tell a whole new story by just using your fingers can open up an entirely new world and texture for your play.


This course will develop and also strengthen:

  • Your Thumb
  • Polyphony
  • The Compound Stroke
  • Developing Arpeggio Techniques
  • Developing Finger Independence And Speed
  • Additional Studies for your left hand as well


We have recorded every arpeggio study at three different speeds for you. There are also some extra harmonic variations for a handful of the arpeggios which will really get you sounding like a pro.  We encourage you to apply these harmonic variations to all studies.

The order of the original manuscript has been changed and the arpeggios are now grouped by finger patterns, rhythms, and the number of notes played.  Lastly, the complete left hand and right-hand fingerings can be found in the downloadable PDFs.

This mandatory method is not meant to be exclusive to the classical player and should be shared with every player worldwide.  If you ever thought about developing your right-hand finger coordination, this course is for you.

TAGA Publishing lets you experience a snapshot of guitar history with the best and most comprehensive collection of arpeggio formulas.


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