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tagapublishing.com proudly presents:

 Mike Stern: Burn with Stern!


If you are the person who transitioned from Rock Guitar to Jazz Guitar or tried to get into this thing called “Jazz,”there is NO WAY that you have not encountered his name.  There is NO WAY around this iconic guitar hero.

He literally stands RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE between two worlds and has been the “go-to guitar hero” for many guitarists wanting to advance.

For three decades now, this several time Grammy Award-nominated guitarist has been able to speak TWO LANGUAGES and has just found the RIGHT FREQUENCY to communicate with countless upcoming generations of guitar players and music lovers worldwide.  He is able to speak and communicate to Rock audiences AS WELL as to Jazz audiences with the same amount of impact.


Not only that, but his guitar playing has influenced Rock guys to get into Jazz and vice versa, Jazz guys into appreciating Rock.

But why is that?

Some people resonate with his compositional work.  Some people immediately get hooked by his flashy lines.  Some folks might recognize him from playing with Miles Davis, Michael Brecker, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Jaco Pastorius, David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, John Patitucci, Jack DeJohnette and many more…

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  1. Christian Winkler

    learned a lot! mike stern has been my favorite!

  2. Rodrigo Musalem

    great course

  3. Sebastian Kerr

    Very good for entry level and getting into Jazz. Great idea to keep everything to a minor Blues, really enjoyed it.

  4. Hugh Dawson

    Really nice lesson! Unfortunately mike never puts on any Distortion, would have loved to hear more rock stuff!

  5. Kit Gray

    feels like sitting in a room with the man himself. am digging the scrolling tabs and floating fretboard.

  6. Grant Sims

    Purple Haze!! LOL!!! Probably my fave guitarist right now and all credit to him for these awesome lessons.

  7. Barry McGee

    I’ve been playing guitar on and off for over 30 years. Wish I’d had this kind of thing when I was a kid. Mike is Mike and anyone who likes his playing with get a kick out of this.

  8. Emmanuel Connors

    I’ve been following Mike since he played with Miles. So happy to see a new teaching video from him – and its GREAT!

  9. Matt Neto

    Good Course!

  10. Kim Richardson

    Mike teaches well and there is a lot of things covered in what you think would only be minor blues.

  11. Keisuke Sasakura

    My favorite guitarist is Mike Stern!
    This instruction course is very good for learning his play style.
    TAGA Publishing is a revolutionary and very easy to use practice item.
    I would recommend TAGA publishing! Thank you!

  12. Loved it

    Saw Mike, Edmond, and Mr. Morello in Woodbridge this weekend and again was blown away. I was familiar with the chord instruction in this lesson already, but really got a lot out of how Mike phrases and approaches the blues. the transcripts let me really focus on specific areas that have helped me break away from sounding to “scalar” or mechanical. Even the four note groupings give me insight to how he makes those scales/arpeggios more melodic.

    Thanks a bunch

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