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We make learning guitar fun and fast

Let’s face it, this is a fast paced world and you are busy. Hence the name 2minuteguitar.com. We are a place for you to come when you have a few spare minutes (maximum of 2 to be exact) and learn guitar.
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We know our stuff

Michael Kaplan is a two-time Berklee College of Music published author. He has taught, at multiple universities and privately, thousands of people of all levels and styles over the past 20 years. He has performed and recorded in almost every style. Currently he is the CEO of TAGA, the ultimate resource for learning and enjoying the guitar. TAGA currently includes The American Guitar Academy, TAGA publishing, and 2 Minute Guitar.

Here is what you get when we launch on September 1st:

  1. FREE Three months of exclusive V.I.P. access to all of our instructional videos ($14.85 value)!
  2. FREE PDF of our beginning guitar method book ($19.95 value)!
  3. FREE New video uploaded daily!

“I took lessons with Michael during my stay at Florida Atlantic University from 2005-2006. During that time, he helped me better understand advanced jazz harmony, chord structures, exploration of melodic ideas, and turned me on to some of the jazz guitar greats. With Michael’s guidance I further pursued my music education and am now a professional session and touring musician in Los Angeles. Thank you Mike!!”

Dan Kalisher

Professional session and touring musician

“I highly recommend learning guitar from Michael. After my first few lessons I was already noticeably much better at playing and was also learning guitar faster than I have ever had before. Plus, now I enjoy playing guitar more than I ever have!”

Marc Tibbs

Account Manager

“I loved my lessons with Michael because he made it feel easy and good!!!”

Leo Vallet

Junior High School Student

“I’m doing great and enjoying my time at college as a music major. I just wanted to let you Michael, that I am extremely thankful that I was able to have you as my guitar teacher and that I was able to learn from you. I have found that every thing you have taught me has helped me a LOT. I am currently ahead in all of my music classes compared to all of the freshman in my school and still going strong. This would have been impossible for me to do without all of your help.”

Kosuke Yoshimura

University Student

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