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Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar

Vuoi migliorare il tuo livello di chitarrista solista jazz? Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar di TAGA Publishing è quel che fa per te, per introdurti nel mondo del più autentico jazz newyorkese.

Scopri il fascino e il romanticismo della chitarra jazz tramite Jack Wilkins, uno dei più raffinati esponenti del jazz di New York.

Ѐ l’occasione ideale per imparare direttamente da qualcuno che è parte integrante della scena jazz di New York City.

Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar è più di una semplice lezione di chitarra.

Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar dispone di inquadratura multipla, animazioni grafiche, tab, notazione standard, materiale in PDF e tanto altro ancora.

Il corso Jack Wilkins: Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar non è solo sullo stile di Jack e non è la tipica lezione. Potrai imparare ad improvvisare e a creare i tuoi arrangiamenti. Alla fine di questo corso sarai pronto per suonare jazz a New York!

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
1.1 Playing Introduction by Jack Wilkins 00:05:12
1.2 Welcome to Solo Jazz Guitar Seminar 00:01:41
2. I-vi-ii-V Progression
2.1 I-vi-ii-V Introduction 00:01:10
2.2 Diatonic Harmony in (C, F and Bb) 00:01:43
2.3 I-vi-ii-V in C and Doo Wop example 00:00:56
2.4 I Can’t Get Started I-vi-ii-V example 00:00:36
3. Diminished Passing Chords
3.1 Diminished Passing Chords 00:01:25
4. Tunes that change key
4.1 Tunes That Change Keys (All The Things You Are as example) 00:01:38
5. ii-V-I
5.1 ii-V-I 00:00:59
5.2 Adding color to ii-V-Is 00:00:49
5.3 Adding more color to ii-V-I’s using Upper Partials 00:01:45
5.4 Altering the V chord 00:01:47
5.5 Tritone Substitution 00:01:46
5.6 ii-V-I Voicings from the 6th string 00:01:08
5.7 Another 2 5 1 voicing 00:00:35
5.8 ii-V-I Voicings from the 4th string 00:01:08
6. Inner Voicings Introduction
6.1 Inner Voicings Talking Introduction 00:00:52
6.2 Inner Voicings – Autumn Leaves Improv Example 00:03:31
6.3 Inner Voicings with Autumn Leaves 00:01:32
6.4 How to learn and practice inner voicings 00:01:40
6.5 How to learn and practice inner voicings continued 00:01:02
7. Intros - Ballads that start on a I chord
7.1 How to play Introductions Talking 00:01:14
7.2 Here’s That Rainy Day Intro example 1 00:00:30
7.3 Here’s That Rainy Day Intro example 2 00:00:22
7.4 Here’s That Rainy Day Intro example 3 00:01:21
7.5 Here’s That Rainy Day Intro example 4 00:00:15
7.6 Misty Intro Example 1 00:00:44
7.7 Misty Intro Example 2 00:00:30
8. Tunes that start on a ii chord
8.1 Playing the Last 8 Bars of the Tune as an Intro (Gone with the Wind example) 00:00:57
8.2 Gone With the Wind Intro example 2 00:00:37
8.3 V-I 00:00:55
8.4 (Chromatic Approach) More tritone substitutions 00:01:26
8.5 Tritone Substitution Basic Pattern 00:00:55
8.6 Autumn Leaves with Tritone subs 00:00:18
9. Uptempo tunes that start on a I chord
9.1 All of Me 1 chorus improvisation 00:00:40
9.2 All of Me chords and 1 chorus improvisation 00:01:18
9.3 All of Me chords 00:01:02
9.4 All of Me Intro example 1 (8 Bar) 00:00:53
9.5 All of Me Intro example 2 (4 Bar) 00:00:17
9.6 All of Me Intro example 3 (I VI ii V) 00:00:40
10. Ballads that start on a ii chord
10.1 Body and Soul chords 00:00:44
10.2 Body and Soul intro example 00:00:42
10.3 Body and Soul Whole Tune 00:02:06
11. Tunes
11.1 In a Sentimental Mood 00:03:48
11.2 Like Someone in Love 00:04:35
11.3 Waltz For Debby 00:02:53
11.4 Triste 00:01:51
11.5 Butch and Butch 00:04:49
11.6 Darn that Dream 00:01:36
11.7 Someday my Prince will Come 00:02:40
12. Closing
12.1 Conclusion 00:00:33

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  1. Benedict Cambell


    There is a great deal of information here. All complemented by some marvelous solo arrangements. The moving notation is impressive, but I personally prefer to study the old-fashioned way and just printed the PDFs out. Many thanks.

  2. Jamie Webster


    Nice course. Great presentation. With just one more full solo piece it would be perfect.

  3. Dave Cusworth


    Jack is an articulate teacher with tons of experience. All in all a very good and well put together package if you want to learn solo jazz guitar.

  4. Javier Gonzalez


    What a gem! Jack has wonderful tone. really like slowmotion.

  5. Natasha Kazmierczak


    Beatiful course on solo jazz guitar playing, i always wanted to start playing this style. But i think you already need some knowledge to really understand this course. Very nice song selection and warm teacher!

  6. Jörg Radelberger


    I am very impressed with the sound slice technology, it really helped me practicing difficult parts. Jack is such an underestimated and overlooked jazz guitar legend, so i was very happy to join this course. Loved it!

  7. Eddie Sandoval


    This is just what I needed. I am trying to play solo guitar in the style of Joe Pass and this course really helped me!

  8. Eli Williams


    I found Jack to be redundant at times but I still learned a lot, especially about intros.

  9. Hugh Kaufman


    Wow! Jack’s lessons are precise and to the point. I am learning so much from these and I hope that he does more!

  10. Keisuke Sasakura


    How nice!
    I have never seen such an instruction item.


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